Ox-Heart Tomatoes


Hungarian Heart
Brilliant reddish-pink ox-heart type fruits are enormous—frequently exceeding one pound! The fruits are firm and meaty like all ox-heart types—great for paste, canning or fresh use. The crack-resistant fruits contain very few seeds and show very little tendency to develop cores. Heavy production all season long. Originated outside of Budapest, Hungary around 1900.  82 Days.  Indeterminate.

Cherokee Purple Heart

Cherokee Purple Heart
The medium sized (up to twelve ounces) fruits are nearly identical to Cherokee Purple in coloration and flavor except that they are heart-shaped. Very tasty. 85 Days.  Indeterminate.


Anna Russian

Anna Russian

This variety was passed down from Russian immigrants to folks living in Oregon in the 1980’s. Fast growing plants produce quantities of 8-16 oz, ox heart shaped fruit in clusters of 2 or 3 on wispy plants. The flavor is sweet, texture meaty.



Bleeding Heart

Developed by Brad Gates, at Wild Boar Farms, this tomato 4-6 oz. fruit, mid-season indeterminate. Beautiful red / yellow bi-colored heart shaped tomatoes with stripes. Bleeding Heart is sweet and fruity with a good balance of juice and flesh.


Berkeley Tie-Dye Heart

Medium-size variety with yellow-green and red stripes. The stripes have an iridescent look, and the interior is a rainbow of colors. The flavor is a combination of spicy, sweet and tart.

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